Climate Statement for September 2019

Mild, wet and sunny

High pressure to the South of Ireland and low pressure to the North kept the first two weeks of September relatively dry. There were some pleasant sunny interludes at times as the high pressure nudged northwards, interspersed with unsettled periods as low pressure systems to the North brought their associated weather fronts across the country from the West, in a mostly westerly airflow. Two settled days on the 13th and 14th were followed by two mostly dull days on the 15th and 16th as a front stalled over the country. High pressure built again from the South, which gave four settled days between the 17th and 20th, where it was mostly sunny, warm and dry by day, but cool at night with some mist and fog. The settled weather broke on the 21st as the high pressure slipped to the East and a moist southerly airflow brought thundery rain up from the South. The end of the month was very unsettled with active low pressure systems and their associated weather fronts crossing the country frequently, giving rain or showers, some heavy, on most days in a westerly or cyclonic airflow.

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