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Latest Pollen Information


Forecast Date 07/08/2015

1. LeinsterN/AN/AN/A
2. MunsterN/AN/AN/A
3. ConnachtN/AN/AN/A
4. UlsterN/AN/AN/A

L = Low
M = Moderate
H = High
VH = Very high

General Comments:
This is the last forecast of the season. The outlook is: low grass pollen fading out to nothing by late September; moderate to high weed pollen, peaking in mid-August and fading out by late September; high fungal spores on many days during late summer and early autumn, reducing to low to moderate levels in November.
Tree Comments:
The tree pollen risk will remain low until next January when the hazel and alder trees will start to flower.
Grass Comments:
The grass pollen will fade away gradually to nothing by late September. Next year, the season will start in May.
Weed Comments:
Weed pollen tends to peak in mid-August with nettle, pellitory-of-the-wall, mugwort and chenopodium. The latter 3 types are largely confined to south-eastern Ireland and southern Ulster with nettle being more widespread in lowland agricultural areas. The season will fade out in late September.
Spore Comments:
Fungal spores will rise to high levels, particularly during the night. Cladosporium, Epicoccum, Didymella, Sporobolomyces, Tilletiopsis and Alternaria will all be airborne and these will be joined by spores from mushrooms and toadstools. The peak of the season will run until late October, reducing to low to moderate levels in November. The air is rarely spore free with some types of penicillium affecting people in late January and February.

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