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Wednesday, 23 July 2014
18 Celsius
NE Light 
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Latest Pollen Information


Forecast Date 23/07/2014

1. LeinsterMMM
2. MunsterMMM
3. ConnachtMMM
4. UlsterMMM

L = Low
M = Moderate
H = High
VH = Very high

General Comments:
A generally moderate pollen risk, lowest in showery places (parts of west coastal areas) and highest where it remains warm, dry and sunny. The warm, humid conditions are ideal for fungal spores and the risk will be high to very high.
Tree Comments:
The tree pollen risk will be mainly low but sweet chestnut trees are now emitting pollen which is allergenic and there is a moderate risk in the vicinity of these trees which can occasionally be found in parks and gardens.
Grass Comments:
The main grass pollen season is now in decline with a low to moderate risk.
Weed Comments:
The allergenic weeds of fat hen (Chenopodium), plantain (Plantago) and nettle (Urticaceae) are currently in flower with a moderate risk.
Spore Comments:
There will be a high risk from fungal spores during warm, humid nights from types such as sporobolomyces and tilletiopsis. Cladosporium will be airborne during warm, dry weather in moderate to high amounts. Alternaria will also be high, particularly during warm, humid conditions.

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