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Climate Data & Products

Historical Data: Climate data sets are now freely available to download here. Long term daily series of precipitation, temperature and other elements together with time series plots are available from the European Climate Assessment & Dataset website. ECA&D is initiated by the European Climate Support Network ECSN, and is supported by the Network of European Meteorological Services EUMETNET.

AIE Data: Applications for access to climate data not available on our website may be made under the Information on the Environment Regulations (AIE):
You are required to:

  • Submit an application to our AIE Officer, by email to or in writing to AIE Officer, Met Éireann, Glasnevin Hill, Dublin 9
  • Provide your contact details,
  • State, in terms that are as specific as possible, the climate data required e.g. station(s)/time periods/ elements.

Normally you will receive a response to your request within one month of its receipt.

Rainfall Return Periods: We have developed a depth duration frequency model, which allows for the estimation of point rainfall frequencies for a range of durations for any location in Ireland.  Rainfall Return Period tables are now freely available by submitting the online form .

Public Works Contract data: An objective and measurable approach was adopted in relation to what is considered to be a weather event which could trigger a delay event, i.e. the contractor gets additional time. A delay event is triggered when a weather event exceeds a defined threshold (90th percentile) value in any given month.

Legal Reports: Met Éireann provides meteorological reports for the legal, insurance and engineering professions or from private enquirers. Submit your request by email to or in writing to Met Éireann, Glasnevin Hill, Dublin 9. Current charges are available here .

Agri-Meteorological Data: Information on Soil Moisture Deficits, Evaporation, Potential Evapotranspiration, Actual Evapotranspiration and Runoff.

Synoptic, Climate and Rainfall stations:

  • Synoptic stations record meteorological elements on an hourly basis, such as air temperature, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, vapour pressure and soil temperatures. Manual stations have extra elements such as weather, cloud, visibility and sunshine. Estimated daily evaporation, potential evapotranspiration and soil moisture deficits are also available.
  • Climatological stations record meteorological elements on a daily basis, such as rainfall and temperatures. Some record soil and earth temperatures, sunshine, solar radiation and evaporation.
  • Rainfall stations record daily rainfall amounts at 0900utc.

Note: Most data before 1942 are held in paper format only. From 1942 onwards most of our data are held in tables in an Ingres relational database.

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