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Agricultural & Environmental Unit


  • Farming weather analysis looking to the week ahead
  • Daily forecasts with 3 day outlook for provinces
  • Daily regional forecasts
  • Daily forecasts for the week ahead on Weatherdial and RTÉ 7:55 radio
  • Extended 4/5 day forecast on RTÉ 1 TV after 9pm News, Sunday and Wednesday
  • Forecasts on Independent Local Radio stations.
  • Farming forecast on RTÉ TV at lunchtime on Sunday
  • Farming Analysis of current 7-Day forecast on Weatherdial
  • Farming forecasts in print media (Farmers Journal, Farming Independent and Examiner)


  • Spread of potato blight from May to September
  • Forest fire risk
  • Frost for fruit growers in Spring
  • Advice to the Department of Agriculture on the risk and prevalence of animal diseases such as airborne spread of Foot and Mouth Disease Virus, Nematodirosis, Liver Fluke and BlueTongue.


Met Éireann coordinates the AGMET group which has members from agricultural research institutes, universities, government departments and other organizations interested in the effects of weather on agriculture. The AGMET group was founded in 1984 with the aims of:

  1. promoting the dissemination of weather information for planning and decision making in agriculture
  2. the provision of educational material to facilitate the best use of weather information in agriculture
  3. development of modelling expertise exemplified in the AGMET publication 'Agro-Meteorological Modelling - Principles, Data and Applications' N.M. Holden (Ed.)

Met Éireann provided forecasts and guidance to the Department of Agriculture on the airborne spread of the Foot and Mouth Disease Virus in the outbreak of 2001. During that time research was undertaken to improve the airborne dispersion model and results have been published in a technical report.

Ploughing Championships
Every year Met Éireann has a stand at the Ploughing Championships and fosters and values the direct contact with its customers.

Agri-Environmental Services
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