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3 Hour Forecast Maps

3 Hour Accumulated Rainfall(MM) Forecast

3 Hour WindSpeed (KTS) Forecast

3 Hour MSL Pressure

The Rainfall map shows atmospheric pressure and 3 hour precipitation accumulations. The colour key is in millimetres (mm).

The first Wind map shows atmospheric pressure and wind. Wind is shown in two forms: 1) as Wind arrows - the head of the arrow shows the direction in which the wind is blowing and the 'feathers' the strength; a short feather is 5 knots, a long feather is 10 knots and a triangle is 50 knots - add the feathers to get the wind speed and 2) as warning regions where speeds above 22 knots are coloured; the colour bands correspond with Beaufort Force 6 and higher.

The second Wind Map shows atmospheric pressure (black) and wind speed as Isotachs (orange) - lines of equal wind speed.


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