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Met Éireann Corporate Publications

Corporate documents such as Annual Reports, Strategy Statements, FOI statements and Customer Charters. For further documentation see Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government website (

Met Éireann Annual Reports

Annual Report 2007
Annual Report 2006
Annual Report 2005
Annual Report 2004
Annual Report 2003
Annual Report 2002
Annual Report 2001
Annual Report 1998
Annual Report 1995
Annual Report 1988-1989
Annual Report 1986
Annual Report 1985
Annual Report 1984
Annual Report 1983
Annual Report 1980
Annual Report 1979
Annual Report 1978
Annual Report 1977


Corporate Publications

Department of Environment, Community and Local Government Statement of Strategy 2011 - 2014

Met Éireann Statement of Public Service Functions

Met Éireann Customer Charter

Met Éireann Freedom of Information Acts 1997 and 2003

Met Éireann na hAchtanna um Shaoráil Faisnéise 1997 agus 2003


Met Éireann Agricultural Services (Leaflet)

Met Éireann Marine Services (Leaflet)


Indications of Climate Change in Ireland (Poster)

Summer 2009. How wet was it? (Poster)


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