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Friday, 06 March 2015
10 Celsius
SW Strong 
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Archived Reports of Lightning Strikes over Ireland 05 March 2015

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The number of messages received on the bottom left hand side of image. 288 SFERIC messages are issued daily.

This system detects all types of lightning strikes. The majority of lightning occurs in the storm cloud itself or between clouds, on average approximately 10 to 20 percent of all lightning over Ireland are cloud-to-ground strikes.

Lightning locations are sourced from the WMO SFERIC (SFUK) messages.
SFUK is part name for the code for reporting the geographical location of sources of atmospherics.
Some atmospherics may not be detected, average detection efficiency is > 90%. Isolated spurious returns can also occur.

We are most grateful to the UK Met Office for the use of their Arrival Time Difference (ATD) lightning location data.

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