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Mullingar Weather Observing StationsROCHES POINT

41.4M above mean sea level
Roches Point is situated in the south eastern tip of Cork Harbour.
In April 1937, Roches Point was one of the four telegraphic stations taken over by Met Éireann, from the British Meteorological Society. Then on the 1st of January 1940, Roches Point actually became a full synoptic station. It housed such instruments as the mercury barometer, Campbell-Stokes sunshine recorder, dines pressure tube anemometer etc. On the 28th February 1991 it ceased to operate as a full-time synoptic station and in July 1991 the Vaisala Cup Anemometer replaced the Dines anemometer and the Vaisala Milos automatic station was installed.

Extremes recorded at Roches Point Met Station:

Highest Air Temperature 28.0 degrees Celsius on 3 August 1995
Lowest Air Temperature -7.2 degrees Celsius on 13 January 1987
Maximum Daily sunshine 15.8 hours in 13 June 1988

Typical Automatic Weather Station:
Typical Automatic Weather Station

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