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Finkele, Klara
Fitzgerald, Denis
Lynch, Peter
McDonald, Aidan

Finkele, Klara
Lopez, P., Finkele, K., Clark, P.A., Mascart, P., 2002: Validation and Intercomparison of three Mesoscale Models on three FASTEX Cloud System; Comparison to Coarse-Resolution Simulations, Quart. J. R. Meteorol. Soc. Vol. 129, pp.1841-1871 (2003).

Finkele, K., Katzfey, J.J, Kowalczyk, E.A., McGregor, J.L, Zhang, L. and Raupach, M.R. Modelling of the OASIS Energy Flux Measurements Using Two Canopy Concepts, Boundary Layer-Meteorology Vol. 107:pp49-79 (2003)

McGrath, R. and Finkele, K. 2001: HIRLAM Foot-and-Mouth Disease Dispersion Model, Hirlam Progress Report No 21

Finkele, K. 2001: Simulation of a FASTEX Storm at Different Resolutions, HIRLAM Newsletter No 37 pg. 47-50

Finkele, K. and Lynch, P. 2000: Development and Simulation of Atlantic Storms During FASTEX, Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium in Limerick, Ireland, 2-7 July, pg 143-146

Finkele, K. 1999: High Resolution Simulation of FASTEX IOP 16, HIRLAM 4 Workshop on High Resolution Modelling, Norrköping, 10-12 May, pg 86-88

Gerard, J.-C., Francois, L. and Finkele, K., 1998: Biogeochemical Cycles of Belgian Forest Ecosystems Related to Global Change and Sustainable Development - Annual Report 1, 59-66

Finkele, K., 1998: Inland and Offshore Propagation Speeds of a Sea Breeze from Simulation and Measurements. Boundary-Layer Meteorol., 87, 307-329

Raupach, M.R., Finkele, K., Briggs, P.R, Cleugh, H.A, Coppin, P.A, Leuning, R., and Gratz, R.D., 1997: Water and Carbon Dynamics of the Australian Biosphere, in Munro, R.K. and Leslie, K.M., (eds) Climate Prediction for Agricultural and Resource Management: Australian Academy of Science Conference, Canberra, 6-8 May, Bureau of Resource Science, Canberra

Finkele, K., 1997: Sea Breezes, Book Chapter in 'The User's Guide to the Australian Coast',Laughlin, G.P., Finkele, K., Finnigan, J.J., Kenchington, R., Kestvean, J., and Lennon, J., Reed Books, Melbourne

Raupach, M.R., Finkele, K. and Zhang, L., 1997: SCAM (Soil-Canopy-Atmosphere Model): Description and Comparisons with Field Data. CSIRO CEM Tech Report No. 132, 81pp

Finkele, K., Hacker, J.M., Kraus, H., and Byron-Scott, R.A.D., 1995: A Complete Sea-Breeze Circulation Cell Derived from Aircraft Observation. Boundary Layer-Meteorol., 73, 299-317

Finkele, K., 1994: Numerical Simulations and Aircraft Measurements of Sea Breezes, Ph.D. Thesis, Flinders University, 150pp.

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Fitzgerald, Denis
Fitzgerald D L (2002) ‘Tricomi and Kummer functions in occurrence, waiting time and exceedance statistics’, Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment, Vol. 16, No. 3, pp175-240, Springer

Fitzgerald D L (1996) ' Maximum Product of Spacings Estimators for the Generalised Pareto and Log Logistic Distributions', Stochastic Hydrology and Hydraulics, Vol. 10, pp1-15, Springer Verlag

Fitzgerlad D L (2000) ' Statistical aspects of Tricomi's function and modified Bessel functions of the second kind', Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment', Vol. 14, No. 2, pp139-158, Springer

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Lynch, Peter
Lynch, Peter, 2003: Resonant Rossby Wave Triads and the Swinging Spring. Bull. Amer. Met. Soc., Vol. 84, Pp. 605-616.

Lynch, Peter, 2003: On the Significance of the Titius-Bode Law for the Distribution of the Planets.
Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., Vol. 341, Pp. 1174-1178.

Lynch, Peter, 2003: Margules' Tendency Equation and Richardson's Forecast. Weather, Vol. 58, Pp. 186-193.

Lynch, Peter, 2002: Resonant motions of the three-dimensional elastic pendulum. Intl. J. Nonlin. Mech., Vol. 37, Pp. 345-367.

Lynch, P, 2002: The Swinging Spring: a Simple Model for Atmospheric Balance. Pp. 64-108 in "Large-Scale Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics: Vol II: Geometric Methods and Models". Ed. J. Norbury and I. Roulstone. Cambridge University Press.

Holm, Darryl D. and Peter Lynch, 2002:
Stepwise Precession of the Resonant Swinging Spring. SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems}, Vol 1, Pp. 44-64.

Lynch, Peter, 2000:Weather Forecasting: from woolly art to solid science. Invited contribution to Royal Meteorological Society Millennium Meeting, Cambridge, July, 2000. to be published by Academic Press.

Lynch, Peter, 2000 Numerical Weather Prediction: the Origins and Development of Computer Forecasting; Historical Note No 4, Met °ireann, Dublin, August, 2000.

Lynch, Peter, 2000 Resonant Motions of the Three-dimensional Elastic Pendulum. Accepted in J. Nonlin. Mech. Also published as Tech. Note No. 56, Met Éireann, Dublin, Ireland.

Lynch, Peter, 2000 Boundary Filters using Half-sinc Functions. Hirlam Newsletter Number 35, 110-118.

Lynch, Peter, 2000 The Swinging Spring: a Simple Model for Atmospheric Balance To appear in Proceedings of the Symposium on the Mathematics of Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics Isaac Newton Institute, June-December, 1996. Cambridge University Press.

Lynch, Peter, Nils Gustafsson, Bent Hansen Sass and Gerard Cats, 2000: Final Report of the HIRLAM 4 Project, 1997-1999 Chapter 1

Lynch, Peter, 1999 Richardson's Marvellous Forecast pp 61-73 in The Life Cycles of Extratropical Cyclones M A Shapiro and S_check name Eds., Amer. Met. Soc., Boston, 355pp.

Peter Lynch, 1999b: State-of-the-Art in Short Range Forecasting Proceedings of European Conference on Applications of Meteorology, Sept., 1999.

Lynch, Peter, Ray McGrath and Aidan McDonald, 1999: Digital Filter Initialization for HIRLAM HIRLAM Technical Report No. 42. June, 1999.

Lynch, Peter, 1998: In less than no time Hirlam Newsletter Number 30, 52-56.

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McDonald, Aidan
McDonald, A., 1999: An examination of alternative extrapolations to find the departure point position in a 'two time level' semi-Lagrangian integration. Mon. Wea. Rev. 127, 1985-1993.

McDonald, A., 1999: A review of lateral boundary conditions for limited area forecast models. Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy 65 91-105.

Lynch, P., R. McGrath and A. McDonald, 1999: Digital filter initialization for HIRLAM Technical report No. 42

McDonald, A., 1999: Well-posed boundary conditions for semi-Lagrangian schemes: the one-dimensional case. HIRLAM technical report No. 43.

McDonald, A., and J. Hamilton, 1999: HIRLAM at Met °ireann HIRLAM Newsletter No. 33 pp. 32-36

McDonald, A., 1999: Changes to the semi-Lagrangian scheme. HIRLAM Newsletter No. 33 pp. 69-72

McDonald, A., 2000: Well-posed boundary conditions for semi-Lagrangian schemes: the one-dimensional case. Part II. HIRLAM Technical Report No. 44

McDonald, A., 2000: Boundary conditions for semi-Lagrangian schemes; testing some alternatives in one-dimensional models. Monthly Weather Review 128, 4084-4096.

McDonald, A., 2001: Well-posed boundary conditions for semi-Lagrangian schemes: the two-dimensional case. HIRLAM Technical Report No. 47 }.

McDonald, A., 2001: A step toward transparent boundary conditions for meteorological models. Submitted to Monthly Weather Review.

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