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Met Éireann Divisions
Climatology and Observations Division

This Division has technical responsibility for the observing routine at the synoptic stations and manages the 'Climate' and 'Rainfall' networks. Climatology and Observations Division handles the data quality control, data entry, codes, etc. and maintains the Service's archives of climatological data. The Enquiries Unit deals with the day to day requests for climatological information.

The Division also continues to handle requests for reports concerning meteorological aspects of insurance and legal matters and provides an expert witness for court hearings. Highly qualified meteorological staff work throughout Ireland to ensure the collection, processing and availability of the most accurate and up-to-date weather data.

Meteorological data are available in various formats, depending on customer requirements; written reports are available for legal or insurance matters.

Various publications, such as the Monthly Weather Bulletin are also prepared in this Division. The Bulletin includes a detailed summary of the month's weather in a combination of graphical, tabular and text format along with the occasional special topic.

Head of Division: Séamus Walsh

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