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Commercial Services

Pricelist for Commercial Forecast and Data Services


Met Éireann endeavours to provide additional services where possible on a cost-recovery basis.  For further information contact:, Ph: +353-1-8064244

All charges carry a 23% VAT Surcharge

General Forecasts - Once-off written forecast by fax or e-mail:

General land-based Forecast


Marine Forecast


Telephone Consultancy Service (TCS)

The Met Éireann Telephone Consultancy Service (TCS) enables public customers to have direct telephone access to the Duty Forecaster (round the clock, 365 days per year) in Glasnevin. This is ideal for those whose activities may be critically weather sensitive on some days and not on other days.

Agriculture, construction, filming, leisure, marine, transport and sport are just some of the areas that can gain commercially from the benefits of up-to-the-minute information on, for example:
Cloud cover, Fog, Frost, Rain, Snow, Strong winds or Thunderstorms.

Charges: normally sold in blocks of 10 calls


1 block (10 calls)


2 blocks (20 calls)


3 blocks (30 calls)


1 no. once-off TCS consultation


Warning Services

Inclusion on general warnings list


Bespoke Warnings


Warnings issued to customers via email when criteria to the customer's specification are expected to be exceeded

Annual Charge




Winter gritting

Daily short text forecast with indicator of frost and road-ice formation for the coming night. (Nov-Apr incl.)


Bespoke Meteograms and Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) Direct Model Output

Price is the sum of the Data, Setup, Maintenance and Schedule Change fees as outlined below:




No Charge

ECMWF-based meteograms

No Charge

ECMWF direct model output:

Refer to ECMWF website for details



Annual maintenance charge


Schedule Changes


Multiple locations: Charges based on the rates shown below


All other requests at the following rates

Hourly rates:


Meteorological Officer:


Senior Meteorological Officer 


Principal Meteorological Officer / Meteorologist: 


Senior Meteorologist


Daily rates:


Meteorological Officer


Senior Meteorological Officer


Principal Meteorological Officer / Meteorologist


Senior Meteorologist


MET ÉIREANN, Glasnevin Hill, Dublin 9, Ireland Tel: +353-1-8064200 Fax: +353-1-8064247

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